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Authoritative Domain Information

If you want to create Chain Apps as Authoritative Domains or Verified Domains then you will want to use an email address from that domain.

Example: If you want to create Chain Apps for then your email should be from that domain.

TrxSys Verified Domain

The above example shows how a Chain App is tagged as an Authoritative Domain with the "Verified" icon.

Public email systems cannot be used as Authoritative Domains. Addresses like,,,, etc. are restricted from being used as being Authoritative Domains. This is because you are not an Authoritative user from those respective companies or organizations.

How to get verified: As mentioned, your account must have been created with an email address that does not come from a public email provider (like gmail or yahoo).
A transaction needs to be written to the blockchain to prove the association.
The process is very simple.

  • Register to open an account wit TrxSys
  • Create a Transaction (menu >> Transaction)
  • Set Transaction Type to "18"
  • Click "Go"
Super easy. You can then look at your "My Account" page to actually see the raw transaction in the blockchain.

Flagging a Chain App as Verified: The objective is to get that badge stating that your Chain App is verified. To do so is also super easy. You simply create a Chain App (menu >> Create a Chain App) and for "Authoritative Domain" select "Yes".

Then, users of your Chain App will see that it is verified.


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