TrxSys: Terms

Company Profile

  1. Terms are applicable from November 18, 2019.
  2. TrxSys is a for-profit company located in Portland, Oregon, USA. TrxSys provides authoritative transaction storage and services that are decouplable from higher level application service providers using proprietary blockchain methods that insure data authenticity.
  3. TrxSys is currently an early state technology start-up company.
General Terms

  1. "Terms" decribes all notices and statements contained within this page and other pages within the TrxSys site. Terms decribed outside of this page are scoped to the needs or interests of specific functions such as Rates and Fees or the usage of web controls.
  2. TrxSys may be referred to herein as "system" or "platform". Customers or users may be referred to as "parties".
  3. An "application service provider" is a company, person or other entity that provides value added services on top of TrxSys blockchain transactional data.
  4. A "chain app" refers to an application that is contained on the TrxSys blockchain and facilitates transactions for a specific purpose as defined by the app creator or app designer. Chain apps are described and stored on the TrxSys blockchain with a special type of transaction called an app template. In some cases, a user can create chain apps using templates or data schemas that are desribed outside of the the TrxSys system. This is acceptable as not all chain apps need to have fully disclosed templates describing their data architecture.
  5. User data, per TrxSys, is defined as data or information entered into the "message" section of transactions by users of the system.
  6. Transactions entered into the system, unless otherwise specified within this document, are written to an immutable blockchain.
  7. User information, per TrxSys, is defined as personally indentifiable data or information (such as name, address, SSN) entered into the TrxSys system by users of the system during registration or at other times of interaction with the system.
  8. Blockchain data or transaction meta data is that data or information that is not "user data" or "user information" that is contained in a transaction. Within the TrxSys system this data may be used for cryptographic signatures to bind transactions serially or for telemetry data such as timestamps or for other purposes to facilitate operation of the system.
  9. A block within the TrxSys blockchain represents a single transaction with transaction meta data. A block will never have more than one transaction.
  10. TrxSys does not harvest user data for resale or use by others.
  11. TrxSys does not harvest personally identifable user data for resale or use by others.
  12. TrxSys uses cookies for Internet session management. TrxSys does not allow third party cookies, cross-site cookies or other methods to enable others to acquire user data.
  13. TrxSys may share or report in a general sense the volume of traffic, quantity of transactions and other "macro" characteristics of platform use.
  14. TrxSys does not host advertising on the platform by third parties as this may compromise user data or personally indentifiable information or otherwise establish a conflict of interest. The restriction on advertising does not extend to third party application service providers. For example, if a person or company builds a "chain app" upon the platform then that person, operating wholy independent from TrxSys, may operate free from expectations on restrictions on advertising policy from TrxSys as long as transactions executed on the TrxSys system do not violate TrxSys terms.
  15. Regarding the prior statement on hosting avertising, if the global community demonsrates a willingness to exchange privacy for reduced or free services from TrxSys then TrxSys may consider advertising. If terms related to advertising changes then those changes will be reflected here. The intent is to always provide an accurate description of data sharing practices within the TrxSys network.
  16. TrxSys may provide discounts on the purchase of TrxSys crptocurrency for bulk purchases or for various customer classes such as government or enterprise or industrial.
  17. TrxSys reserves the right to restrict or block transactions that violate Terms of Use.
  18. TrxSys reserves the right to restrict or block users that violate Terms of Use.
  19. TrxSys reserves the right to restrict or block users in countries for which lawful embargoes are in place.
  20. Transactions are owned by the submitter of the transaction. The "submitter" is the user ID within the "sender" field of the transaction. Where the submitter is acting on behalf of a third party (i.e. an employer) then it is expected that the submitter should abide by policies of the third party.
  21. Chain apps and chain templates may have users vote or otherwise provide feedback on the quality and characteristics. That feedback will be written as transactions to the blockchain.
  22. TrxSys may filter out chain apps within the "Chain Explorer" and elsewhere on the TrxSys site based on reasons that TrxSys may or may not disclose. Those reasons, in most cases, could be that TrxSys can only list a reasonable amount of Chain Apps in the Chain Explorer and Chain Apps listed in the Chain Explorer may have been found to be better examples of how new Chain App innovators could be inspired.
  23. TrxSys may remove or filter out chain apps from any of various lists of apps or app queries if TrxSys deems that app to be either in violation of terms or lacking in quality or lacking in purpose or in being overtly offensive.
  24. TrxSys charges fees for transactions based on the size of the transaction and in some cases may charge more for certain types of transactions.
  25. Chain app templates may have Access Control Lists (ACL) controlled by the creator of the chain app.
  26. Ownership, as practically applied within the system, means that the transaction submitter may determine the rights of others to view the transaction. Those rights allow the user to extend or provide a virtual connection to those transaction by other application service providers. Application service providers can only own data for which they are the "submitter" or "sender".
  27. Ownership does include the ability to delete or modify a transaction that has already been written. However, the owner of the transaction may remove the "chain ribbon" key to the message that is contained "alongside" the transaction to effectively disable or "kill" the information contained in the transaction message. This ability to kill or disable information in a transaction does not extend to any part of the transaction outside of the message (block meta data). The sender ID, recipient ID, amount sent, cryptographic signatures, etc. will remain intact.
  28. Users of the system may expect that transactions and associated data within a transaction will persist regardless of the status of the account.
  29. Exceptions:
    a) If TrxSys deems that a message in a transaction violates terms then that message data may be blocked through the removal of a non-immutable key (called a chainribbon_key). b) A lawful order demanded by an authorized jurisdiction will involve associated chainribbon_key(s) being removed to "kill" the transaction message.
  30. TrxSys reserves the right to restrict, or even to kill transactions, that TrxSys deems to violate the intent and spirit of TrxSys. Namely, any use of the system for purposes of crime, hate, discrimination or abuse will be not be tolerated and may be considered a violation of terms.
  31. Inadvertent and harmless delays, errors or omissions made in connection with these Terms or any transaction hereunder, except as otherwise stated in these Terms, shall not relieve either party from any liability which would have attached had such delay, error or omission not occurred, provided that the fault is rectified as soon as possible after discovery.
  32. Limitation of liability: In no event shall TrxSys, nor any of its officers, directors and employees, be liable to you for anything arising out of or in any way connected with your use of this Website, whether such liability is under contract, tort or otherwise, and TrxSys, including its officers, directors and employees shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential or special liability arising out of or in any way related to your use of this platform.
  33. Indemnification: You hereby indemnify to the fullest extent TrxSys from and against any and all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of or in any way related to your breach of any of the provisions of these Terms.
  34. Severability: If any provision of these Terms is found to be unenforceable or invalid under any applicable law, such unenforceability or invalidity shall not render these Terms unenforceable or invalid as a whole, and such provisions shall be deleted without affecting the remaining provisions herein.
  35. Assignment: TrxSys shall be permitted to assign, transfer, and subcontract its rights and/or obligations under these Terms without any notification or consent required. However, you shall not be permitted to assign, transfer, or subcontract any of your rights and/or obligations under these Terms.
  36. Entire Agreement: These Terms, including any legal notices and disclaimers contained on this Website, constitute the entire agreement between [Sender.Company] and you in relation to your use of this Website, and supersede all prior agreements and understandings with respect to the same.
  37. Content contained within transaction message will remain the copyright property of the submitter (the sender) of the transaction.
  38. TrxSys, ChainCasting, and logos are property of and copyrighted by TrxSys. All rights have been reserved.
  39. TrxSys is not responsible for the type or nature or legalility of data, transactions, chain apps, etc. that become data within the system. TrxSys makes no warranty or guarantee as to the performance or quality or functionality of applications built upon the TrxSys system.
  40. TrxSys will comply with lawful demands for discovery originating from US based court systems and recognized legal authorities in countries that TrxSys officially operates in.
Terms of Use

  1. TrxSys does not allow illegal activities.
  2. Disable or terminate accounts: User accounts can be disabled or terminated if Terms are violated.
  3. Owner of content: Content refers to information written within the message field of a transaction. Ownership of said content will be retained, per Terms, by the submitter of the transaction.
  4. Changes to the agreement: Users will be informed about upcoming changes to the agreement before the changes are applied. Changes will be announced on this page and on the home page. Additionally, TrxSys is permitted to revise these Terms at any time as it sees fit, and by using this Website you are expected to review such Terms on a regular basis to ensure you understand all terms and conditions governing use of this Website.
  5. DMCA: TrxSys is also informing owners of copyright content that they can submit a DMCA notice to the system if they found infringing content in their DMCA clause.
  6. Forking: While users are permitted to make copies of their data, including raw transaction data, and move that data elsewhere, any attempt at large scale forking is a violation of Terms.
  7. Cryptocurrency: Users may not build platforms on top of TrxSys that facilitate or give the impression of crypotcurrency investment or speculation. Additionally, users may not build systems that are or give the appearance of money transmitters.
  8. Cryptocurrency Exchanges: TrxSys cryptocurrency is not to be listed or traded on cryptocurrency exchanges or offered for sale by third parties in any manner.
  9. TrxSys is a US based company. TrxSys will not provide services to customers in countries for which the US State Department has embargoed or otherwise restricted.
  10. Registration: Users agree to Terms when registering with TrxSys and using TrxSys.
  11. Refunds: TrxSys does not provide refunds.
  12. Passwords: Passwords are user set and required to be complex.
  13. User accounts: User accounts are not to be shared. One account per one person.