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Why TrxSys
Why TrxSys?
TrxSys (Transaction System) is a new and experimental transaction system. It is fast, easy, inexpensive, fun and meant to be used by everyone.
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TrxSys enables innovative folks to use or create new transaction based services.
A Proof of Concept (POC) might be the best way to evaluate TrxSys. Explore the value proposition of immutable data and learn how easy TrxSys is to use.
TrxSys is new. Join our community. Read up on TrxSys, Multiplexed Ledger Technology (MLT), building chain apps, and more.

System Notes:
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"Hello World!" June 2023

TrxSys Sandbox.

We are not "just another blockchain or web3 startup"
TrxSys is based on multiple new patent pending technical methods. We are often asked if we are just another blockchain or a new SaaS provider. We are neither. TrxSys is best thought of as the first node in a new ecosystem built around a concept we invented called Service Layer for Open Trusted Transactions or SLOTT. Along with SLOTT, we have introduced the technology for Transaction-as-a-Service and Transaction Containers.

Imagine if data was fully portable, secure, private and controllable across a network of transaction systems, blockchains and conventional networks. That is what we do.
Imagine if data is also fully portable in and out of the TrxSys network to other SLOTT-based transaction systems. That is what we do.
Imagine that data is bound to the user (could be a person or a company) yet is interoperable with SaaS systems (like SAP, ServiceNow, etc.).

With certified SLOTT transaction systems data, identity and controls are fully interoperable and provably immutable. And, because we evolved out the consensus protocols (i.e. POW, POS) of yesterday's blockchain systems we are able to provide full compliance and governance without vendor lock-in.
We are simply what the Internet should have been all along.


"Hello World!" May 2023

End of Prototype Testing Phase: No new accounts until December, 2023.
The TrxSys Network has completed testing during our prototype phase. We are now gearing up for the next phase in testing. For existing users there is no impact and no data loss. However, we are not accepting new accounts at this time.
We plan on opening up new account registration again in December, 2023.
Temporary accounts are still available on our Sandbox system.


"Hello World!" September 2022

TrxSys Network Upgrade - Notice on Data Resilience
The TrxSys Network is an experimental blockchain but we have big plans.
TrxSys currently operates as a prototype system and the current architecture will be updated to a new version in the coming months. An exact date has not been set. All existing data can be migrated to the new architecture. Over the coming weeks we will share additional information on what the upgrade means for you and your data.

"Hello World!" April 2022

TrxSys Certified Replicator Nodes are available for the TrxSys Network
Certified Replicator Nodes (CRN) represent independent organizations that attest to the integrity of the TrxSys network. They provide: 
Platform integrity validation. A certified replicator node (CRN) periodically pulls ledger state from TrxSys. That information serves as validation of ledger integrity. Attestation certificates will act as transaction hash collections.
Distributed transactions(Not available yet) Replicate transaction to one or more replicators. Users of TrxSys can replicate to a CRN for transactions that they own or are permissioned to.
Failover and interoperabilityTo provide operational continuity in the event of failure of TrxSys. In the event of a shutdown of TrxSys, users of TrxSys could "repatriate" transactions that they own or are permissioned to into one or more CRNs.
Certified Replicator Nodes (CRN)

"Hello World!" May 2021

TrxSys Sandbox.

User-Centric Computing Disrupts, well, Everything!
TrxSys (Transaction System) addresses a fundamental gap in database and cloud technologies. TrxSys is a cloud platform that provides user-centric storage and control of immutable data. Current technologies require that a hosting institution (like a bank or social media company) host data for you. The downside of the current institution-centric model of technology is that trust and identity are bound to the hosting institution. The result is that data, almost no data nor identity, is authoritatively portable. People and businesses are effectively locked into hosting institutions.
Blockchain does not solve this problem. Conventional technology does not solve this problem. TrxSys is the only platform that provides for practical user-centric computing for consumers and businesses.

"Hello World!" February 2021

TrxSys Sandbox.

What is a "sandbox"?
TrxSys Sandbox is a free site that allows you to play around and experiment with a version of the TrxSys with free temporary IDs. All logins and data are deleted weekly. Create as many temporary IDs are you want.

TrxSys Publishings

TrxSys Published.

Learn about TrxSys with papers that we have published on Medium.

The Ruse of Decentralization

The Ruse of Decentralization

The blockchain community would have us believe that the world is either centralized or decentralized with the former being the problem to be solved by the latter. TrxSys advances the thinking beyond archaic blockchain technology.

Fallacies of BFT in Blockchain

Fallacies of BFT in Blockchain

Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) is the foundational theory enabling most any blockchain system to validate transactions in a decentralized network. Consensus algorithms strive to implement BFT. Unfortunately, the allegory of the Byzantine Generals Problem, as adopted by the blockchain community, suffers from some logical fallacy in actually providing non-repudiation in decentralized networks.

TrxSys on Youtube

TrxSys on Youtube.

TrxSys on Youtube

Learn about TrxSys with videos that we have posted on Youtube.

What can blockchain do that databases cannot.

What can blockchain do that databases can't?

December 2020. Learn about TrxSys with videos that we have posted on Youtube.