TrxSys Rates and Fees

TrxSys cryptocurrency is represented as "T".

One TrxSys coin is managed to roughly equal one dollar. The following examples give an idea of the cost of TrxSys transactions. For example, one basic transaction costs 0.0002 T which is roughly equivalent to 1/50th of a penny.

DescriptionSizeCost (T)
Basic Transaction (up to 3KB for message)3 KB0.0002 T
Each additional KB1 KB0.0001 T
1000 Basic Transactionsapprox 3 MB0.2 T
Transaction + 5KB document8 KB0.0007 T
Transaction + 2MB photo2003 KB0.2002 T
1000 transactions + 5KB document per transaction8000 KB0.70 T
1000 transactions + 2MB photo per transaction2003 MB200.2 T